Study Shows Prostate Massage Improves Male Orgasm and Keeps Cancer at Bay

Many people turn to prostate massage so as to achieve a more powerful and satisfying male orgasm. Besides the explosive orgasm, regularly massaging the prostate reduces the chances of cancer of the prostate which is becoming common nowadays.

Prostate ExamAccording to a study undertaken by Jennifer Rider, a Doctor at Harvard Medical School and Brigham Women’s Hospital, ejaculations help improve the male sexual organ and lower the risk of developing prostate cancer. Men are encouraged to ejaculate at least once a day with many researchers advocating the massage of the prostate since it offers a better experience if done correctly.

In the study that has been ongoing for about 18 years, 32,000 men took part in the research and used different methods while varying the intervals between the ejaculations. Before the experiment, the men aged between 20 and 49 years were tested and confirmed to be free of cancer of the prostate. Guided by questionnaires, the participants detailed the frequency of their ejaculations, the method used, and also the level of satisfaction.

At the end of the study, 3,839 men developed cancer of the prostate, which mainly affected older men. Further revelations showed that men who ejaculated more often (at least 21 times within a month) were less affected and the risk was 22% lower than for their counterparts.

The results support a similar study that was carried out by the American Medical Association (AMA) which was mainly focused on the level of male orgasm and the effects it had on reducing prostate cancer. Results from the study indicated that men who experienced more intense orgasms were less likely to develop cancer of the prostate compared to men who had normal orgasms. Individuals who experienced at least 21 orgasms per month were also at lower risk compared to men whose monthly ejaculations were fewer than 7.

At a time when prostate cancer is quickly becoming a major concern, where younger men under 50 are developing the disease, the study’s finding shed new light on ways of preventing the cancer before it affects men. And if male orgasm can lower the risk of prostate cancer, more men will now embrace prostate massage besides healthy nutrition and regular exercises.

Prostate massage is rated as one of the best ways of achieving explosive and more satisfying orgasms. The activity, which requires less effort and time, also comes with additional benefits, which include dealing with erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and reducing frequency of urination when sleeping. Nonetheless, to experience ultimate male orgasm and related benefits, it is critical to use the right technique during prostate massage, otherwise you can cause injuries, discomfort, or infections.