Latest Report Suggests Declining Semen Quality Affecting Men’s Fertility

Reports coming from different sources indicate that declining quality of sperm is the main reason why more-and-more men are becoming infertile or sterile. This backs the existing fears, which are shared by many people concerned about the survival and continuity of humanity.

quality of spermResearchers and medics have always stated that sperm quality of the modern man can’t be compared to that of the earlier generation, and what’s more worrying is that it continues to decline as time passes by. The sperm has become weaker, less mobile, and lacks the stamina and flexibility that is needed to fertilize the female egg, and the quantity has declined as well.

The Human Reproduction Magazine, Australia, recently featured a study that examined the semen in men aged 20 to 22. The discovery was quite shocking as the young men had low sperm count or unhealthy semen despite their young age. Usually, such effects were more common and likely to affect men who were above 45, but this is no longer the case.

Younger men who are normally expected to be the healthiest and have quality sperm, especially in their early life, are quickly becoming victims of low quality sperm. The decline in the quality and quantity of sperm is pegged on several issues such as unhealthy nutrition which contains lots of toxins and bad cholesterol, exposure to environmental factors such as excessive UV rays from the sun, poor lifestyle (drinking alcohol and smoking a lot), lack of physical exercises and more.

Sperm samples were taken from the young men aged 20 to 22 at the beginning, during, as well as after the study. The experiment took into account several aspects such as the age, weight, body type, activity and other factors. The end result indicated that men who were more active and had less fat in their body had a higher sperm count and quality; however, inactive men, and especially obese individuals, were the most affected.

Biological issues such as varicocele, cryptorchidism (undescended testis), obesity or excess weight are also symbolic with men with declining sperm quality. In these scenarios, the level of the male hormone, testosterone, is usually quite low and doesn’t stimulate the production and distribution of semen.

To combat this situation, younger men are being encouraged to lead a healthier lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet, more exercise, and minimizing the consumption of alcohol. And unless they do this, the future generation may be at risk of disappearing since the population will continue to decline.